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TELUS: Pioneering ODA Principles for Agile, Cost-Effective Digital Networks

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TELUS, a Canadian communications technology company, has become the first North American Communications Service Provider (CSP) to be awarded the ‘Running on ODA’ status by TM Forum. Open Digital Architecture (ODA) is a set of principles that provide a blueprint for CSPs, enabling them to transform into agile digital organizations, rapidly launching new products at reduced costs, and improving customer experiences.

By joining Axiata, Jio, and Vodafone Group, TELUS has become the fourth CSP to gain this recognition, as network architectures that follow the ODA principles now support millions of customers globally. The ‘Running on ODA’ award recognizes the advancement in TELUS’ IT architecture and delivery capabilities, with the use of cloud-native, vendor-agnostic solutions integrated by TM Forum’s industry-standard Open APIs.

TELUS has been able to deliver products and services built from reusable components through ODA, serving over 9 million customers. An example of this is TELUS having recently launched a new offering across all six of its go-to-market channels simultaneously at a third of the usual cost and reducing time-to-market by one third. Hesham Fahmy, Chief Information Officer at TELUS, stated that vendors must be ODA-compliant and contribute to its development in the future to do business with TELUS.

In conclusion, TELUS is the latest CSP to gain the ‘Running on ODA’ status, with another four organizations under assessment and three further organizations eligible. This achievement showcases the company’s commitment to innovation and delivering improved customer experiences.

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