Robocalls are not only annoying, they are potentially dangerous and are progressively becoming an even bigger problem. Sadly, it does not look like the situation will improve in 2021, as there were 22.8 billion total robocalls recorded at the midway point of 2020. Robocalls are phone calls made by an automatic dialer that transmits pre-recorded messages. While this may not seem like an issue, it can be. Some robotic calls may be from legitimate sources, but they may also be scams designed to deceive or bully people to provide personal information.

Telecommunications and data services vendor BullsEye Telecom and the cloud-based VoIP networks security solutions provider RedShift Networks have announced a new partnership to deliver innovative cybersecurity solutions for protecting and securing enterprise VoIP and SIP-based networks. BullsEye Telecom is adopting RedShift’s VoIP security, threat intelligence analytics and proactive fraud prevention technologies to ensure industry-specific compliance for regulatory sensitive clients in the healthcare, financial and government services industries. Vilas Uchil, Vice president of Technology and Engineering for BullsEye, said, “Our clients now have access to an incredible portfolio of cloud, voice and unified communications security protection through our partnership with RedShift Networks. Together, BullsEye and RedShift offer clients proven solutions and security to protect their VoIP and UCaaS networks against expensive malicious attacks. We are preventing theft, fraudulent transactions and service downtime.” As stated in the announcement, RedShift’s Unified Communication Threat Management (UCTM) platform works to establish communication baselines…