Several prominent German telecoms associations, including ANGA, Bitkom, BREKO, BUGLAS, and VATM, have united in a call to the German government, urging a reduction in funding for fibre-optic projects. Citing concerns over the overwhelming response to the German Gigabit funding program, the associations propose a cut in funding to €1 billion between 2024-2026.

Unveiling the hidden importance of fibre optic cables in delivering quality and reliable internet services, we spotlight Prysmian, European industry front-runner. Delving into the connection between prudent cable choice and tangible savings in network installation, while highlighting the formidable costs of cable failures. Prysmian’s commitment to innovation shines in miniaturising cables without compromise, resulting in practical and ecological benefits. Prysmian’s Telecom Business Director is set to reveal more insights at the Connected Britain Conference.

EXA Infrastructure acquires Univerzalne Telekomunikacije, expanding its network routes and enhancing European connectivity, with focus on the underinvested Balkan region. Unitel’s reliable fiber network and strategic location complement EXA’s Trans Adriatic Express route, showcasing growth plans in pan-European and transatlantic connectivity.

Tamares Telecom partners with Grid Telecom to create ANDROMEDA, a subsea optical fiber cable system connecting Greece, Cyprus, and Israel, aiming to establish a new telecommunications corridor between Europe and the Middle East. This strategic alliance offers enhanced connectivity, network diversity, and low latency for wholesale customers across the region.

Spain’s leading telecommunications group, Telefónica, has announced the sale of a controlling stake in its fiber network in Colombia to a global investment company KKR. With the sale of this majority stake, the telecommunications company expects to reduce its debt by $169 million.    As part of the agreement, KKR will hold 60% of the shares in the new Colombian fiber company, and Telefónica will retain the remaining 40% and contribute its existing fiber assets in the country. The new company will start operating with a fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) network, covering 1.2 million locations in 50 cities and municipalities and serving 380,000 customers by the end of the first quarter 2022. In three years, their goal is to reach 4.3 million sites in almost 90 cities.   The deal between Telefónica and KKR values the new company at $500 million. This entity will be the first independent Colombian open access wholesale…

SIPTrunk Inc announces SIPTRUNK Platform SIPTrunk Inc. has announced the launch of managed IP telephony services through its SIP trunking reseller platform, SIPTRUNK. The SIPTRUNK platform allows service providers to manage multiple customers and service delivery via a practical interface based on cloud support and Tier-1 networks. SIPTRUNK meets the market’s need for a SIP trunk management and provisioning platform in order to support businesses, governmental agencies, telecommunications providers and telephone companies. According to the company, it is expected that by 2025, expenditure in the SIP trunking market will reach $28.8 billion. Read more at: https://tinyurl.com/y835ctxf UK’s fiber startup Lumenisity enters the market The UK start-up company Lumenisity has entered the market and released its first commercial products. Lumenisity was created to promote breakthroughs in the creation of hollowcore optical fiber. According to the company, data moves 50% faster in a hollowcore fiber, as the light travels through the air…