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EXA Infrastructure Acquires Unitel: Boosting Connectivity in the Balkans

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EXA Infrastructure, a prominent digital infrastructure platform bridging Europe and North America, has announced the acquisition of Univerzalne Telekomunikacije d.o.o (Unitel), a top provider of dedicated infrastructure services in Croatia. This acquisition displays EXA’s commitment to diversifying and growing its network routes, enhancing connectivity across Europe, and focusing on the expansion within the underinvested yet rapidly growing Balkan region.

Unitel has established itself as a go-to partner for numerous international backbones passing through Croatia. Boasting a network of 515km of duct and owned fiber optic cable connecting Zagreb in the north to Ilok in the south, Unitel has two border crossings to Serbia and one to Bosnia and Herzegovina. The ducts’ proximity to the Adria oil pipeline enhances reliability and reduces disturbance rates.

Martijn Blanken, Chief Executive of EXA Infrastructure, commented on the acquisition, saying, “The latest initiative in EXA’s continued commitment to providing customers with innovative, reliable, and diverse connectivity solutions available on the market.” He further praised Unitel’s state-of-the-art fiber and its strong track record as a reliable partner aligned with EXA’s objectives and mission. Blanken welcomes Unitel and its team to the EXA family.

Now part of the EXA Infrastructure, Unitel’s optical network encompasses 80km in Zagreb, connecting to all major data centers, including InterXion. Croatia’s strategic location allows for integration into EXA’s European backbone, implementing a unique north-to-south route across the Balkans that complements EXA’s Trans Adriatic Express (TAE) route, which offers an east-to-west conduit. This strategic acquisition underscores EXA’s ongoing growth plans to become the unparalleled pan European and transatlantic data center-to-data-center connectivity business.

Samir Assaad, SVP of Strategy and Merger & Acquisition at EXA Infrastructure, stated that “Unitel is a key building block in our strategic expansion into the Balkans and continues to solidify EXA’s position as an industry leader.” The strategy aims to strengthen EXA’s leadership by expanding its network reach into new, high-growth geographies, subsequently supporting its clients’ parallel expansion endeavors.

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