MasOrange has launched its 5G Standalone (SA) network at the Port of Barcelona, revolutionizing mobility services. This innovative 5G deployment promises ultra-low latency, enabling precise operations and extensive real-time tracking. With a 3.6 million euro investment, the network enhances connectivity, benefiting port operations, security, and surveillance through comprehensive 5G coverage.

Breaking new ground in the European telecoms sector, France’s Orange and Spain’s MásMóvil have won European Commission approval for their joint venture with a proviso. A stipulation of the deal instances Romania’s Digi – Spain’s largest MVNO – to acquire spectrum from MásMóvil. With this move, Digi could transform into the fourth mobile operator for the Spanish market.

In a bold amalgamation move, Orange and MasMovil are set to combine their Spanish telecom operations in a €19 billion deal. European regulators, however, have expressed concerns, fearing a spike in consumer costs due to a potential market monopoly. To address these apprehensions, Orange and MasMovil are shedding some assets, with Romanian telecom Digi earmarked to acquire parts of the business, paving the way for a more competitive landscape. Californian tech enthusiasts, early adopters and IT professionals are keenly observing this development, which is seen as a yardstick for regulator sentiment towards large-scale telecom consolidation in Europe.

Orange and MasMovil in talks about joint venture  Orange and MasMovil have stated that they are in talks to launch a 50:50 joint venture (JV) in Spain. Orange’s Spanish subsidiary is valued at €8.1 billion, while MasMovil is valued at €11.5 billion, for a total enterprise value of €19.6 billion. The merged operator would include around 7.1 million fixed line customers and 20.2 million mobile users, with a combined FTTH network of approximately 16 million residences. The operators claim that the combination would result in a slew of meaningful synergies of more than €450 million within three years of the merger closing. Read more at: https://tinyurl.com/y5d9h3y7 Google acquires Mandiant to boost its cloud offering In a move aimed at bolstering the capabilities of its Google Cloud platform, Google has agreed to pay $5.4 billion for the cybersecurity firm Mandiant. To address harmful information and software vulnerabilities, Google Cloud currently offers…

Spanish telecom operator MasMovil agrees $3.3 billion private equity bid KKR, Cinven and Providence have made their Public Acquisition Offer for Spanish telecoms operator MasMovil. The three venture capital funds have proposed to pay EUR 22.5 per share of the telco, which is valued at almost EUR 3 billion. According to the statement, KKR, Cinven and Providence will pay a 20 percent premium on the current MasMovil share price. Meinrad Spenger, MasMovil Chief Executive, said that they have signed an agreement with the bidders on a deal which would be “beneficial for the shareholders and other stakeholders in the company.” Furthermore, the bidders noted that they would maintain continuity in MasMovil’s strategy, staff and executive team. Read more at https://tinyurl.com/y754vsc9 Google Cloud signs major UK government deal The technology giant Google Cloud has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Crown Commercial Service (CCS) to make its cloud solutions…