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A quick roundup of the news in Telecoms | Week #10

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Orange and MasMovil in talks about joint venture 

Orange and MasMovil have stated that they are in talks to launch a 50:50 joint venture (JV) in Spain. Orange’s Spanish subsidiary is valued at €8.1 billion, while MasMovil is valued at €11.5 billion, for a total enterprise value of €19.6 billion. The merged operator would include around 7.1 million fixed line customers and 20.2 million mobile users, with a combined FTTH network of approximately 16 million residences. The operators claim that the combination would result in a slew of meaningful synergies of more than €450 million within three years of the merger closing.

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Google acquires Mandiant to boost its cloud offering

In a move aimed at bolstering the capabilities of its Google Cloud platform, Google has agreed to pay $5.4 billion for the cybersecurity firm Mandiant. To address harmful information and software vulnerabilities, Google Cloud currently offers a variety of security features, including zero trust, security analytics, threat detection, and VirusTotal. However, Google claims that by merging its existing solutions with those of Mandiant, the company would be able to deliver end-to-end security on a larger scale. Mandiant is likely to join Google Cloud later this year when the purchase closes.

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Ignion launches Antenna Intelligence Cloud

Ignion, a major IoT antenna pioneer located in Barcelona, has announced the debut of the Antenna Intelligence Cloud, which brings cloud computing and artificial intelligence to the antenna sector. Ignion built the design and simulation platform on AWS to help IoT developers correctly and quickly integrate Virtual Antenna technology into their own products, resulting in a more reliable and predictable antenna integration process in any IoT device, as well as reduced development costs and optimized time to market.

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AVer, Lenovo and Yamaha collaborate on hybrid meeting room connectivity

AVer Information Inc. USA, a supplier of educational technology and video collaboration solutions, has announced a partnership with Lenovo and Yamaha to simplify hybrid meeting room networking. The plug-and-play solution package is Microsoft Teams certified, allowing for seamless worldwide communications across company meeting rooms and remote offices. Users will benefit from AVer’s technological relationship by adding another layer of seamless technology to their meetings, increasing meeting productivity and user participation.

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Samsung has confirmed a security breach

Samsung has disclosed a security compromise after hackers stole and published over 200 gigabytes of proprietary data, including source code for a variety of biometric unlock technologies and algorithms. The breach was claimed by the Lapsus$ hacker group, the same organization that attacked Nvidia and then leaked thousands of employee passwords online. Access to the compromised source code might aid malicious actors in identifying security flaws that would otherwise go undetected, thereby possibly exposing vulnerable devices or systems to exploitation or data exfiltration.

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