In response to the soaring global demand for fast, secure connectivity, China Mobile International Limited (CMI) is significantly investing in four new submarine cable systems. These systems promise to robustly service the substantial growth in mobile data usage in quickly digitising regions such as Africa. However, as aging cables become outdated, the race is on for fresh investment to keep pace with customer needs and the rapid development of next-gen technologies.

EllaLink has been selected by French Guiana’s SPLANG to construct an 8,000 km submarine link, a pioneering step towards direct, high-capacity connectivity between Latin America and Europe. This commendable feat also includes the addition of a 2,100 km cable extension, further broadening the EllaLink network. Embracing cutting-edge technology, such as the ROADM WSS branching unit, the extended network ensures direct and speedy connectivity from French Guiana to Europe, with an RTD latency of under 80 ms.

Bridging the gap between past and future, the Cayman Islands are preparing to modernise their underwater cable system, crucial for their international data traffic. Despite serving admirably for decades, the two existing cables are nearing their operational longevity. As such, a $1.69 million partnership with CMC aims to overhaul connectivity, counting on expertise from firms like WFN Strategies and SBM International.