Telgorithm, a cutting-edge messaging API provider, today announced a groundbreaking partnership with Constant Contact, a digital marketing and automation platform that has helped millions of small businesses and nonprofits globally. By leveraging Telgorithm’s unique SMS API, Constant Contact is now the first omnichannel digital marketing platform to offer SMS marketing to sole proprietorships. This collaboration addresses a significant gap in the marketing mix for solopreneur businesses.

To shed light on the recent changes in the A2P messaging industry, we sat down with Aaron Alter, the CEO and Co-Founder of Telgorithm, a leading cloud communications enablement API platform. Telgorithm delivers automated and reliable A2P text messaging API solutions, assisting businesses in navigating the complexities of the ever-changing A2P messaging market while scaling their operations seamlessly.

With over 10.9 billion mobile connections globally, integrating text messaging into business communications strategies has become a must for brands. Recognizing this growing demand, Telgorithm has made it their mission to provide messaging API solutions designed exclusively for independent SaaS vendors, to help their customers tap into the increasing adoption of text messaging for customer communications. What is Telgorithm? Telgorithm is a cloud communications enablement API platform that provides SaaS companies with compliance-based SMS & MMS solutions. It was developed by telecom industry veterans with the goal of delivering automated and reliable A2P text messaging API solutions that assist businesses to navigate the ever-changing A2P messaging market while simultaneously scaling their operations. Telgorithm’s solution is reliable, effective, and simple to implement, making it an ideal choice for software vendors seeking to assist their customers in improving consumer engagement. The platform automates the entire journey of registration, onboarding, rate limit management,…

Telgorithm launches a new product feature dubbed Time Routing Telgorithm, an A2P text messaging API provider, has introduced Time Routing, a novel product feature that enables enterprises to better manage queued A2P messages. Businesses may use this tool to plan communications in advance, cancel them, or “expire” queued messages that are no longer required owing to time constraints on a per campaign basis. In particular, for high-volume and time-sensitive SMS/MMS initiatives, this capability enables enterprises to better manage A2P communications and save expenses. In addition to Telgorithm’s current Smart Queueing and Message Prioritization functionalities, Time Routing is provided with the API at no additional cost. Read the full article. Sinch announces strategic collaboration with Salesforce Sinch, a cloud communications supplier, has established a strategic partnership with Salesforce. Sinch will be a critical provider for Salesforce’s worldwide SMS delivery operations and will supply Salesforce and its global client base with enterprise-grade…