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Streamline SMS campaigns with Telgorithm’s messaging API for SaaS vendors

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With over 10.9 billion mobile connections globally, integrating text messaging into business communications strategies has become a must for brands. Recognizing this growing demand, Telgorithm has made it their mission to provide messaging API solutions designed exclusively for independent SaaS vendors, to help their customers tap into the increasing adoption of text messaging for customer communications.

What is Telgorithm?

Telgorithm is a cloud communications enablement API platform that provides SaaS companies with compliance-based SMS & MMS solutions. It was developed by telecom industry veterans with the goal of delivering automated and reliable A2P text messaging API solutions that assist businesses to navigate the ever-changing A2P messaging market while simultaneously scaling their operations. Telgorithm’s solution is reliable, effective, and simple to implement, making it an ideal choice for software vendors seeking to assist their customers in improving consumer engagement.

The platform automates the entire journey of registration, onboarding, rate limit management, and supports long-term compliant SMS & MMS messaging, helping businesses increase revenue and improve productivity to decrease overhead costs.

Telgorithm’s unique features

One of Telgorithm’s unique and mission-critical technological features is Smart Queueing, which ensures that A2P messages are sent at maximum rates without ever exceeding volume limits set by carriers or The Campaign Registry (TCR). This prevents dropped or blocked messages, while also adhering to a network operators’ per day or per minute rate restrictions, which is critical for organizations that rely on text messaging. 

Smart Queueing is the only tech that exists that automatically tracks a brand’s approved throughput limits while simultaneously managing who its end-users’ carriers are and how many messages are sent to each carrier at a given time. Since other providers lack the technology, they simply send messages to the Carriers at the lowest speed of all your Campaigns – also known as capping – which doesn’t allow brands to send at their max rate limits. With Telgorithm, you don’t have to worry about your provider capping your throughputs at a lower rate than you were TCR approved for, so you get the full throughputs you paid for through TCR registration. 

Without Smart Queueing you cannot leverage your 10DLC rate limit potential or support Sole Proprietors. 

Smart Queueing works in tandem with Telgorithm’s most recent capabilities, Time Routing and Message Prioritization. Message Prioritization enables businesses to prioritize urgent messages first in the Queue, while Time Routing allows businesses to strategically determine when to send messages that are queued. This is helpful to manage T-Mobile’s daily SMS & MMS limits. 

In addition to Smart Queueing, Telgorithm offers Automated Registration, which saves customers time, money, and unnecessary overhead. As early 10DLC adopters, Telgorithm knew how critical it was to make TCR registration as quick and effortless as possible. Read more about Telgorithm’s 10DLC automations here. 

Advanced Reporting is another feature of Telgorithm that allows customers to avoid support tickets and slowdowns caused by errors. This allows you to identify and fix issues before they become tickets which enables your Customer Success Team with a clear and detailed reporting toolkit for the ultimate customer support experience. If your customer encounters an issue, you will receive a continuous report with detailed delivery receipts to assist you in handling the problem quickly and avoid initiating a support request.

Benefits of using Telgorithm:

●      Automated Brand and Campaign registration processes to save time and resources.

●      Expedited Campaign vetting to send fully registered messages faster.

●      Unique Smart Queueing technology for ensured message deliverability.

●      Message Prioritization so urgent messages are never delayed.

●      Number Verification to mitigate messaging incorrect or out-of-service numbers.

●      Compliance monitoring to prevent blocked or suspended messages.

●      Time Routing for a better consumer experience.

●      Advanced Reporting to quickly solve for and prevent messaging errors.

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