Travelers and businesses at Edinburgh Airport can expect notably improved 4G and 5G coverage, courtesy of telecom giant Vodafone. This upgrade not only means faster data speeds and better call quality, but could also pave the way for exciting new services such as digital passport controls and contactless check-in. Despite the complex infrastructure involved, Exchange Communications assures the ensuing benefits will outweigh the cost.

Vodafone UK is proclaiming the promise of 5G, with over 50% of UK adults agreeing that it could significantly impact their daily lives. But the telecom giant is also sparking conversation around its proposed merger with Three, a move believed to accelerate the UK’s digital future. The benefits of this merger extend to healthcare, utilities, and railways, showing strong potential to enhance these sectors through technologies enabled by 5G connectivity. However, this ambitious union faces challenges, including the controversial issue of spectrum distribution, crucial for 5G delivery. Yet, in the ever-evolving telecom landscape, it might be the willingness to navigate these challenges that determines their success.

GoTo introduces over 30 new features GoTo has revealed over 30 new features across its IT management, support, and unified communications solutions. The new features include GoTo Resolve and Zendesk connectivity for remote support sessions and automated session tracking. Also, Rescue and Google Translate integration, GoTo Customer Engagement, and OpenAI’s ChatGPT integration to produce custom content. Other additions include enhanced call statistics, a centralized security dashboard, and customized surveys. The new features are intended to help consumers and IT teams save time and money while boosting productivity, usability, and the customer experience. Read the full article. Virsae and Hammer team up for a 360-degree cloud contact center experience Virsae and Hammer have collaborated to introduce Outside In – Inside Out, a 360-degree consumer and agent experience solution for contact centers. The service delivers a unified view across on-premise, cloud-based, and hybrid infrastructures, allowing network readiness evaluations, customer journey discovery and…

The UK’s first live wind and solar-powered mobile phone mast has been activated in Pembrokeshire (Wales) by Vodafone UK. The self-powered mast will provide 4G service to the community of Eglwyswrw and will be powered by a wind turbine, solar panels and on-site battery storage.    The new mast contributes to Vodafone’s goal of achieving net zero emissions by 2027 for its UK operations. The mast is meant to eliminate the requirement for a connection to the national energy grid, a strategy that will assist in delivering connectivity in rural and distant places that are now without those critical services.   The mast is equipped with a one-of-a-kind wind turbine that can generate electricity even in low wind conditions and can be deployed without the need for electrical connections. This infrastructure is also extremely quiet, making it ideal for installation in sensitive locations.   The study is being carried out…