Elevating Airport Connectivity: Vodafone’s 4G & 5G Boost at Edinburgh Airport

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UK telecom behemoth Vodafone has boosted its 4G and 5G coverage at Edinburgh Airport, promising substantial improvements for travelers and enterprises around.

This upgrade promises quicker and stronger connectivity as dedicated mobile coverage facilities have been set-up at the critically active points such as departure and arrival zones alongside the entire airport terminal. It is believed the enhancements will lead to faster mobile data speeds and enhance call quality for the customers.

The facilitator of these improvements, in-house solution provider Exchange Communications, indicates the enormous benefits that businesses in proximity to this ultra-fast 5G network will reap. Additionally, Vodafone states this technological infusion will equip the airport with the necessary infrastructure to introduce a range of new services such as digital passport controls and contactless check-in.

Andrea Dona, UK Network Director at Vodafone, commented on the move, “Airports perform a crucial role in driving the economy and in job creation. As such, we are thrilled to facilitate connectivity for Edinburgh to assist in its development.” She continued, “Both Vodafone 4G and 5G will offer our customers fast mobile data speeds whether they work at the airport or are just travelling through.”

Tom Sime, CEO of Exchange Communications, said, “Deploying 4G and 5G at Edinburgh Airport now ensures reliable wireless connectivity. It will result in faster connections and faster streaming for passengers. Additionally, it will enhance the behind-the-scenes technology ensuring smooth airport operation. Several companies and businesses interacting with airports will benefit from 5G connectivity for fast, dependable production and intralogistics.”

In passing, the Shared Rural Network was mentioned in the press release, highlighting the connection of remote places and the variety of connectivity challenges faced, as compared to airports. Making even minor upgrades that provide users with the ability to download a film while awaiting a flight could never be looked upon unfavorably.

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