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Versa upgraded its SASE platform with advanced AI to bolster threat detection, accelerate remediation, and improve data protection.
NordVPN’s study shows over 54 billion leaked cookies on the dark web, highlighting how cookies have become a major target for hackers.
Greenlight introduces new affordable multi-gig fiber services designed for SMBs. RingCentral introduces innovative platform features integrating AI, video, and social messaging into workflows.

NEC launches “NEC cotomi Pro” and “NEC cotomi Light,” advanced gen AI models. Lumos will be acquired by a joint venture of EQT and T-Mobile to expand high-speed internet access. CEA-Leti leads EU projects 6G-DISAC and 6G-GOALS, revolutionizing 6G technology through smart networks. Sanas obtained a patent for its Real-Time Accent Conversion AI Technology, enabling call center agents to adapt accents and reduce background noise. GlobalData’s report highlights how startups are innovating in AI-driven medical diagnostics, IT management, and financial operations.

The demand for data centers is soaring due to edge services and generative AI. Nokia’s first-quarter results showed a 19% drop in sales but a notable 52% profit increase. Telesystem has launched new cybersecurity bundles featuring updated Employee Security Awareness Training. Utility companies are using GIS technology to address infrastructure, workforce, and demand challenges.

Huawei is nearing completion of a large R&D complex in Shanghai focused on semiconductor technology. Fujitsu, NEC, NTT, and DoCoMo have unveiled a groundbreaking ‘top-level sub-terahertz 6G device’ achieving 100 Gbps speeds over 100-meter distances in the 100 GHz and 300 GHz bands. MASV’s Solutions Partner Program simplifies large file transfers using their cloud-based platform. LEAP is expanding global customer outreach with Vonage’s Communications APIs and SIP Trunking for scalable cloud connectivity.

GoTo’s Miradore Premium+ is a new subscription tier designed for growing businesses, offering enhanced MDM capabilities. CallTower introduces CT Text with MMS and SMS features in Cisco Webex. NGMN’s report underscores the necessity of industry-standard measures for tracking energy consumption in virtualized mobile networks. Casa Systems is selling its Axyom business to Lumine Group and its cable interests to Vecima Networks due to reduced capital spending.

Nokia has enhanced its WaveSuite optical network platform. Companies across various industries are increasing their investment in artificial intelligence. Ericsson launched EFTG to drive 5G advancements in U.S. federal agencies for national digital transformation. NVIDIA’s launch of the GB200 Grace Blackwell Superchip promises to revolutionize generative AI’s efficiency and performance.

Telecom leaders discussed the challenge of monetizing 5G. Vodafone’s ‘The Great British Telecoms Switch’ campaign offers BT customers savings and compensations to switch providers. A Pew Research Center survey found U.S. teens have a complex relationship with smartphones. Verizon’s report shows a 129% rise in mobile network traffic over 5 years. Iliad aims to become the fifth-largest mobile operator in Europe by 2024.