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A quick roundup of the news in Telecoms | Week #19

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Telecommunications Industry Association Updates Data Center Standards for Enhanced Performance

The Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) has released an updated version of its Telecommunications Infrastructure Standard for Data Centers, ANSI/TIA-942. This latest revision, ANSI/TIA-942-C, incorporates new technologies and user feedback to improve data center performance and efficiency. Key updates include recognizing new media types and connectivity requirements, referencing technical documentation from other Standards Development Organizations, and incorporating insights on edge data centers. The standard covers a wide range of aspects including architecture, power, cooling, security, and monitoring, ensuring data centers of all types benefit from enhanced standards and practices.

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Network APIs Gain Traction Amid Challenges

In 2024, Network Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are becoming popular in global markets, particularly the GSMA Open Gateway’s antifraud APIs. Mobile operators in Europe, Asia, and the Americas are adopting these APIs, but hurdles like regulations and market dynamics could impede their success. GlobalData’s upcoming webinar will assess the potential of network APIs, highlighting their benefits and challenges. Gary Barton of GlobalData notes that while antifraud APIs are promising, more complex applications face regulatory and commercial obstacles. This complexity may benefit vendors and integrators more than telcos, highlighting the evolving landscape of network APIs.

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Spirent and Aviz Networks Collaborate for Open, AI-Powered Networking 3.0 in 5G

Spirent Communications plc and Aviz Networks have joined forces to advance Networking 3.0, focusing on open and hardware-agnostic methods for intelligent traffic monitoring across diverse 5G applications. Aviz’s innovative Service Nodes leverage general-purpose hardware, eliminating vendor lock-in and enabling cost-effective, future-proof network upgrades. Validated by Spirent Landslide, this collaboration promises Telcos a 50% reduction in Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) with AI-driven networking. The integration of Landslide and Aviz’s Networking 3.0 framework heralds a new era of AI-driven optimization and intelligent traffic monitoring for scalable and efficient 5G networks.

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Granite Telecommunications Receives US Patent for Innovative Network Management Solution

Granite Telecommunications, a major provider of communication and technology solutions, has been granted a patent by the USPTO for its edgeboot product. edgeboot is an advanced managed power distribution unit (PDU) that utilizes AI and dual ethernet/LTE technology to monitor network device connectivity autonomously. The patent marks Granite’s commitment to innovation and customer-centric solutions. With edgeboot, businesses can enhance operational efficiency, streamline troubleshooting, and reduce costs by ensuring high availability and out-of-band access to critical network resources. The technology represents Granite’s dedication to advancing AI in network management, with plans for further innovation in the future.

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