Valmont Industries and T-Mobile achieve a breakthrough in infrastructure monitoring with an industry-first long-distance BVLOS drone inspection flight powered by 5G, highlighting enhanced safety, efficiency, and reduced costs. As the FAA grants more waivers, Valmont’s innovative approach revolutionizes critical inspections and sets the stage for nationwide drone-in-a-box services by 2024.

European lawmakers clash over a proposed network fee for content and application providers, as majority fear potential implications like stifling innovation, impacting net neutrality, and increasing consumer costs. Telecommunications operators may explore alternative income sources amid uncertain consolidation prospects.

Deutsche Telekom and Ericsson’s recent secure network slice proof of concept simplifies enterprise use with automated configuration and end-to-end orchestration, connecting smartphones seamlessly to private cloud services via 5G. This innovation could revolutionize the telecommunications industry by offering customizable, easy-to-understand connectivity solutions for businesses worldwide.