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TIM explores offers for its Enterprise business, valuing the unit at over €6 billion, while the board evaluates bids for network assets. With the company’s gross financial debt nearing €32 billion, maximizing value is crucial. KKR emerges as a frontrunner, as anticipation builds for exclusive discussions lasting until late August or early September.

Nokia and Claro Colombia join forces to deploy a cutting-edge private 4.9G wireless network at Sociedad Portuaria Puerto Bahía, enhancing mission-critical connectivity and on-premises data processing. This collaboration aims to strengthen port operations, optimize logistics, and support Colombia’s most advanced multipurpose maritime terminal in its digital transformation journey.

VoIP, or voice-over-internet-protocol, allows businesses to stay connected while also providing a variety of useful cloud communication features when leveraging platforms such as PBXs, softphones and contact center software. VoIP has rapidly grown in popularity among organizations of all sizes. The reason why is simple: businesses seek less expensive ways to communicate without sacrificing efficiency and productivity. It is debatable which cloud communication platform features are the most significant. For our part, we strongly suggest these 20 features to get the most out of your business phone service. Automatic Call Distribution – Businesses with a significant number of incoming calls utilize automatic call distribution (ACD) to route calls to specified agent groups or people. Call Analytics – The collection, analysis and reporting of incoming and outgoing call data to improve performance and the customer experience is known as call analytics. This process is carried out in real time. Also key…