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Stay Connected Anywhere, Anytime with OFFICErING’s VoIP services

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In a world driven by connectivity and instant communication, businesses need reliable and efficient phone service to thrive. OFFICErING team understands that. With a mission to provide the most reliable phone service at the best prices, OFFICErING has revolutionized the way businesses connect and collaborate. By combining cutting-edge technology, a carrier-class IP network, and an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, OFFICErING offers a seamless and feature-rich phone system that guarantees uninterrupted communication.

Let’s explore OFFICErING services, where innovation meets integrity, and where businesses can truly elevate their communication game.


OFFICErING is a VoIP communications provider that specializes in delivering reliable and cost-effective phone services to businesses of all sizes. The company was established in 2017 through the merger of two industry giants, RateTel Inc and Voicenter Ltd. With its headquarters located in Houston, Texas, OFFICErING prides itself on providing local support and consultation to its valued customers.

The primary mission of OFFICErING is to offer the most reliable phone service at competitive prices while upholding integrity and sincerity in its customer relationships. Recognizing that communication is a vital component of every business, OFFICErING places a strong emphasis on reliability and ensures that its customers’ calls are always connected through a first-class, self-healing, no-failure network.

OFFICErING’s Unique Selling Points

OFFICErING distinguishes itself in the market with several unique selling points that make it an exceptional choice for businesses seeking reliable VoIP communication services. Let’s explore these key differentiators.


OFFICErING prides itself on its unwavering reliability. The company understands that uninterrupted communication is vital for businesses, and it has gone to great lengths to build a carrier-class tier 1 network that guarantees 100% uptime. With zero downtime since its inception, OFFICErING’s network stands as a testament to its commitment to providing a seamless communication experience. Moreover, the company’s network possesses self-healing capabilities, ensuring that even the smallest anomalies are resolved immediately through 24x7x365 sub-second monitoring by their dedicated network operations center.

Quality of service

The company’s cloud-based infrastructure provides agility, scalability, and redundancy. With unlimited computing power, bandwidth, and storage, OFFICErING delivers an unrivaled quality of service. By operating in the cloud, the company can guarantee that its services are available at all times, regardless of internet and power conditions.

Latency-optimized routing

In addition to its robust infrastructure, OFFICErING excels at latency-optimized routing. The company ensures that every call on its network surpasses industry standards. By minimizing the distance that data travels during a call, OFFICErING significantly reduces latency. This commitment allows the company to deliver crystal-clear voice and high-definition video quality, even for clients situated in areas with poor internet connections.

Disaster-proof setup

Recognizing that a business’s phone system is its lifeline, OFFICErING has taken extensive measures to ensure uninterrupted service. The disaster-proof setup of OFFICErING’s service is designed to keep businesses connected even during unforeseen events. Through its cloud-based infrastructure, redundant hubs, and self-healing network, OFFICErING maintains a flawless uptime record. This commitment to disaster resilience ensures uninterrupted communication and peace of mind for its customers.

Benefits of using OFFICErING

  • Feature-rich solutions including eFax, intelligent call queues, call recording, and more.
  • Real-time monitoring and coaching for improved customer service.
  • Caller ID localizer for matching the local region of the client.
  • Advanced call queue handling based on agent and caller data.
  • Hot desking feature for instant access to personal data on any phone.
  • Conference bridges for large-scale meetings with over 200 callers.
  • Easy integration with existing phone systems through PBX integration.
  • Cost-effective pricing with no hidden fees and pay-as-you-go options.
  • Vanity phone numbers available for $0.99.
  • Scalability to accommodate businesses of all sizes and types.
  • Unlimited calling within the US and Canada.
  • Data security and privacy with encryption and compliance standards.

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