Uptime Solutions and Inbay Merge to Elevate MSP Support

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Two prominent players in the outsourced IT services for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) sector, Uptime Solutions and Inbay, have officially joined forces, marking a pivotal moment in their industry collaboration. This merger solidifies their collective standing as the ultimate destination for comprehensive outsourced IT services tailored to the evolving needs of MSPs. As a result, MSPs can anticipate the continuation of Uptime’s acclaimed Helpdesk services, now enhanced by Inbay’s NOC, Dedicated Tech, and Projects offerings.

Both Uptime Solutions and Inbay have consistently demonstrated their ability to provide exceptional outsourced IT services to MSPs, encompassing specialized Outsourced Helpdesk, NOC, Dedicated Tech, SOC, and Project solutions. By amalgamating their proficiencies, resources, and capabilities, this joint venture is positioned to provide an even wider array of solutions. This empowers MSPs to navigate the intricate IT landscape with unwavering confidence. This merger represents a momentous stride towards delivering unparalleled support to MSPs in search of dependable, efficient, and inventive outsourced IT services.

Jason Kemsley, Director of Uptime Solutions, conveyed his excitement about the merger, asserting, “We are incredibly thrilled about the prospects within the outsourcing market. Uptime has long been recognized for its steadfast commitment to excellence in serving our MSP partners, and this merger only amplifies that commitment. The expanded scope and possibilities arising from the integration of our two enterprises are poised to redefine the market, establishing new benchmarks for service quality and innovation.”

Under this merger, Bradley Munday and Jason Kemsley will continue to lead the newly combined entity. Shaun McNamee, interim CEO of Inbay, will return to his role as Finance Director, ensuring a seamless leadership transition. This continuity guarantees an unwavering commitment to maintaining the exceptional standards synonymous with both Uptime Solutions and Inbay. The existing Uptime leadership team will also seamlessly transition to the combined business, bringing their wealth of experience and industry insights.

Bradley Munday, Managing Director of Uptime Solutions, expressed his enthusiasm, saying, “Our journey at Uptime has always revolved around delivering products and services of which we are genuinely proud. This has garnered a loyal partner base that truly appreciates what our services bring to their businesses. Inbay’s operationally mature complementary services provide us with a fresh canvas to infuse with the Uptime spark, granting our partners an even wider range of options to advance their MSP endeavors.”

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