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Verizon Unveils Unlimited Ultimate Plan at $90 Per Month

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In a recent announcement, Verizon is set to launch its latest cellphone plan, the Unlimited Ultimate, priced at $90 per month. This development follows the earlier introduction of Verizon’s myPlan lineup. The Unlimited Ultimate plan boasts an array of enhanced features, making it a compelling choice for consumers.

One standout feature of the Unlimited Ultimate plan is the substantial increase in mobile hotspot data. Subscribers will now enjoy a generous 60GB of mobile hotspot data, doubling the allocation offered by the $80 Unlimited Plus plan. Additionally, the plan includes 10GB of unthrottled international data, a perk particularly appealing to globetrotters. Notably, subscribers gain access to Verizon’s cutting-edge 5G Ultra Wideband network, leveraging a fusion of the C-band wireless signal and the lightning-fast mmWave 5G technology.

T-Mobile is also making waves in the market, introducing the Go5G Next plan, which supplements its C-band spectrum. Priced at $100 per month, this plan offers 50GB of hotspot data, along with Netflix Basic and Apple TV Plus subscriptions. Furthermore, it allows subscribers the option to upgrade their smartphones annually.

Verizon’s approach to streaming services has evolved, unbundling them and transforming them into $10 monthly add-on “perks” for subscribers. Earlier this month, Verizon unveiled price hikes for subscribers on its legacy “Mix and Match” plans, potentially prompting a shift to newer plans, albeit at the cost of some cherished older plan features like unlimited 5G hotspot data for select users.

Multi-line discounts are available for the Unlimited Ultimate plan, with rates for accounts featuring five lines and beyond as follows:

  • 1 line: $90
  • 2 lines: $80
  • 3 lines: $65
  • 4 lines: $55
  • 5 or more lines: $52

It’s essential to note that the Unlimited plan does not come with the three-year price guarantee initially offered for Verizon’s “best Unlimited plan.” Additionally, the listed prices assume enrollment in auto-pay, entailing a $10 monthly discount.

The Unlimited Ultimate plan is poised to cater to individuals who require substantial mobile hotspot data and international connectivity, making it a competitive offering in the ever-evolving world of mobile plans.

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