Revolutionizing Maritime Industry with 5G-IoT Tracking Integration

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The maritime industry is undergoing a significant transformation, thanks to a new agreement between Spanish satellite operator Sateliot and global maritime container tracking specialist T42. This partnership is poised to introduce the first substantial change in the industry since the 1950s and aims to revolutionize container tracking through 5GIoT technology.

In this innovative approach, T42 will initiate the deployment of thousands of 5G-IoT sensors in shipping containers that are connected to Sateliot’s LEO satellite constellation. Covering over fifty countries and 50 logistics partners, the new technology will offer unprecedented control over sea-faring merchandise. It will enable the continuous tracking and monitoring of environmental conditions such as temperature and humidity. It will also contribute hugely to ensuring container integrity by reporting impacts and damage.

Presently, a staggering 99% of shipping containers escape tracking or inspection due to lack of cellular and satellite connectivity. This can often result in cargo theft, tampering or damage. The shipping industry, responsible for transporting 80% of international trade goods, has begun to focus its efforts on the development of smart containers. The industry’s ambitious plans aim to convert 25% of all containers into smart containers come 2025.

Sateliot’s CEO, Jaume Sanpera, lauds this new venture terming it a pivotal moment in transforming shipping containers into intelligent, connected assets. He stated, “Our collaboration marks a pivotal moment in the industry’s history, transforming traditional shipping containers into intelligent, connected assets. Tracking in open seas, until now, a very luxurious satellite service will be democratized to all.”

Echoing Sanpera’s sentiments, Avi Hartmann, the CEO of T42, believes this development is here to stay. In his words, “It is unbelievable what a small hardware investment can represent for the industry’s performance overall. This change has come to stay; there’s no doubt about it.”

In conclusion, this alliance between Sateliot and T42 signifies a revolutionary shift in the maritime industry and its contribution to the global supply chain. It exemplifies how technological advancements can foster change even in sectors that have remained stagnant over the years.

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