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Telinta and Commio Team Up to Present a Webinar for VoIP Service Providers

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Telinta, a global leader in cloud-based softswitch and billing solutions, and Commio, a leading VoIP origination and termination provider,have teamed up to meet the needs of VoIP service providers.

The two industry leaders will jointly present a webinar for VoIP service providers explaining the benefits of using Commio’s high-quality services together with Telinta’s platform.

Save the Date:  Tuesday  May 23, 2023  11:00am Eastern Time (UTC-04)

To Register:

Using Telinta’s cloud-based TeliCoreTM softswitch and billing platform, VoIP service providers can easily use Commio’s VoIP Termination, Origination and Messaging to offer Hosted PBX, SIP Trunks, Business and Residential VoIP, Mobile or Desktop VoIP calling, and other popular services.

Using Commio, you can easily select from 40+ underlying carriers with built-in redundancy.  With tools to monitor, troubleshoot, and solve common communications issues, access to a U.S.-based team of responsive experts, and built-in intelligence to save money and improve quality, Commio delivers a better way to communicate.  

Telinta’s award-winning TeliCore platform integrates switching, billing and customer management to offer world-class white label solutions for VoIP service providers. Telinta provides comprehensive training and 24×7 live technical support.

“Telinta has created an ecosystem of industry-leading partners, such as Commio, to help VoIP service providers win new customers,” said Alex Ferdman, CEO of Telinta.  “Our cloud-based platform enables Telinta customers to easily configure Commio’s VoIP Termination, DIDs, and Messaging as part of the services they offer via our softswitch.”

“Ensuring call quality and deliverability is critical to the success of a VoIP service provider’s business,” says Eric Leon, Vice President of Sales at Commio. “Commio voice plus Telinta’s carrier-grade softswitch solutions are a winning combination and the perfect symbiotic relationship for the telecom industry.”

During the session, both companies will announce special promotions for new customers. 

About Telinta

Founded in 2002, Telinta, Inc. offers secure and reliable cloud-based Switching and Billing solutions for VoIP service providers around the globe. Telinta’s full portfolio of white label carrier-grade solutions is highly customizable for VoIP service providers and their resellers.  This includes Hosted PBX, SIP Trunks, Business and Residential VoIP, Calling Card, Pinless, Mobile and Desktop VoIP, and other hosted solutions.  Please visit us at for more information.

About Commio

Commio is a cloud voice and text messaging API platform that enables VoIP providers to deliver rich omnichannel customer conversations at scale. Commio is unique: we’re the only CPaaS that gives our customers total control and transparency, plus reliable, high-quality, cost-effective communications. Commio is the essential ingredient that makes our partners’ products, services and experiences, better. Commio’s smart, reliable solutions are easy to implement and scale with you, so you can deliver more calls and texts, be more competitive, and save money. Intelligent call routing with multiple layers of voice carrier redundancy mean less worry and more happy customers—plus lower costs. See beyond the Voice API to gain visibility into every call, then take control of routes and carriers to improve call delivery and quality. That’s Commio peace of mind!

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