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BT Immersive Spaces: Revolutionizing Training and Development with Interactive Tech

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BT has announced the introduction of its Immersive Spaces solution, developed in collaboration with virtual training specialist Immersive Interactive. This cutting-edge technology uses projectors to transform walls and floors into interactive surfaces, which can display more than 3,000 cloud-stored interactive experiences. Users can engage with these experiences by physically touching the surfaces, ranging from answering multiple-choice questions to exploring virtual worlds.

To enhance the immersion, extra sensory elements such as smells and haptic technology can be integrated. In addition, the spaces are compatible with virtual reality, augmented reality, and extended reality technologies and can live-stream video content. BT also offers users the ability to develop customized experiences for specific training or educational situations.

Ian Robertson, Technical Principal 5G Solutions at BT, explained during a live demonstration at BT headquarters that the Immersive Space can be designed and deployed within dedicated locations or as a temporary mobile unit. The mobile space can be mounted on a flat-bed truck and effectively deployed in less than an hour upon arrival.

Alex Foster, Director at Division X – BT’s business innovation team, stated, “Immersive Spaces bring together EE’s unrivalled connectivity with the very best immersive tech – combining the real and digital worlds to create new benefits for business and publicsector organisations.” He also emphasized the potential for this technology to revolutionize training and development across various industries.

Although the technology holds promise for numerous industries such as healthcare, retail, transport, tourism, manufacturing, construction, and sports, the initial interest appears to be primarily driven by training and education applications. In fact, BT has already implemented its Immersive Spaces technology in schools like Borders College in Galashiels, Scotland, and Cadoxton Primary School in South Wales, receiving positive feedback.

Hannah Cogbill, senior leadership at Cadoxton Primary School, shared her enthusiasm, saying, “The children absolutely love it,” and highlighted the potential of using the Immersive Spaces to support children’s development and boost their imaginative writing skills. Additionally, the technology can aid learners in overcoming apprehensions about new experiences, such as traveling by train or airplane.

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