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NBN Sky Muster Plus Premium: Bridging Australia’s Remote Connectivity Gap

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Australia’s state-owned broadband network company, NBN, has introduced a new satellite plan called NBN Sky Muster Plus Premium. This plan aims to provide uncapped data to 400,000 homes, specifically targeting remote and regional areas that lack access to terrestrial networks. With burst download speeds of up to 100Mbps and lower wholesale pricing, the plan offers enhanced connectivity options to Australians living in hard-to-reach places.

The launch of the new satellite plan follows a trial involving 10,700 participants. During the trial, NBN reported that their network remained robust despite experiencing a significant increase in data usage during peak hours. The service is set to be available for orders starting from 1 June.

Gavin Williams, NBN Chief Development Officer for Regional and Remote, highlights the importance of addressing the growing need for data in today’s digital world. “With the rapid growth in data usage, people live their digital lives with more connected devices for remote work, online learning, social media, e-commerce, and entertainment,” he said. “Homes and small businesses in remote areas require access to more data to help cater for their needs.”

Williams further points out that the NBN Sky Muster satellite service is crucial for connecting remote parts of Australia. “This new plan will help more people thrive in the digital age like never before,” he said. “Not having to worry about a monthly data allowance offers more flexibility in how and when people use their internet, and more time to do the things that matter most.”

Having a significant number of remote locations, Australia serves as an ideal use case for the benefits of satellite connectivity. Moreover, being a wealthy nation means that there is a viable and addressable market for these areas, unlike regions in Siberia or the Amazon rainforest. This development is likely NBN’s attempt to stay ahead amidst intensifying competition, as highlighted by the company’s recent announcement of cutting 500 jobs, according to Co-CEO Stephen Rue.

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