conXhub teams up with DIDWW to offer next-level VoIP communications

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conXhub, a leading provider of cloud-based communication and collaboration platforms, has entered into a strategic partnership with DIDWW, a global telecom operator offering premium quality VoIP communications, two-way SIP trunking and SMS services for businesses and telecom carriers. Through the alliance with DIDWW, conXhub aims to extend its global reach, ensuring high quality voice services for unparalleled customer experience.

At the core of conXhub’s approach is its robust integration with the mobile cellular network, creating an agile, scalable system that transforms the landscape of modern connectivity. Harnessing the strengths of VoIP, Unified Communications, and Mobile connectivity, conXhub seamlessly combines these technologies, setting a new standard in the communications industry. Serving a diverse range of sectors, conXhub’s adaptive solutions are finely tuned to meet different needs, simplifying complex tools and making them accessible to businesses, regardless of their size.

By collaborating with DIDWW, conXhub aims to offer its customers top-notch voice solutions, enriched with cutting-edge functionalities. A standout feature of this partnership is the introduction of true multi-numbering on mobiles, allowing users to enjoy additional phone numbers on a single device, tapping into a plethora of opportunities. DIDWW broad experience in telecommunications and its extensive virtual phone number coverage spanning over 80 countries uniquely position conXhub to cater to an expanding customer base across various regions.

Saule Kasciukaitiene, Head of Sales at DIDWW, said, “We’re pleased to join forces with conXhub. This partnership not only expands conXhub’s access to global markets, but also ensures the provision of top-tier voice services in a variety of industries across the globe.”

Mark Trowbridge, Founder of conXhub, added, “Having been in the communications industry for over 30 years and with a desire for quality-first solutions, we have always partnered with only the best providers. We have watched DIDWW in recent years and we’re truly excited about our new partnership with them. Their global reach and commitment to top-tier communication services perfectly align with conXhub’s mission. Together, we’re confident that we’ll empower more businesses across diverse industries, to connect seamlessly and efficiently, no matter where they are in the world. We look forward to a successful collaboration and the growth it will bring to both our companies.”

About conXhub

conXhub is a cloud-based communication and collaboration platform that offers a range of products and services to help businesses of any size improve customer engagement, enhance company efficiency and save money. conXhub is Mobile First technology, which enables users to make and receive calls from multiple phone numbers on a single smartphone using mobile cellular connectivity. This is one of the unique features of conXhub, as it allows businesses to use their mobile devices as a virtual PBX system without relying on internet-based technology.

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DIDWW is a platform for telecommunication professionals with full self-service access and real-time provisioning, APIs and all the necessary building blocks for achieving the ultimate control over Voice and SMS services.

The company offers the largest fully compliant international coverage of local, national, mobile, toll-free voice and SMS-enabled virtual phone numbers, two-way local and global SIP trunks, access to local emergency services, flexible capacity options, free global number portability, a number selection tool, and more.

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