Evolving Telecommunication Trends: Ciena’s Strategic Shift Towards FTTH Solutions

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Ciena has over the past year, exhibited an interesting trend in its business strategy, focusing keenly on enhancing its residential fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) solutions. The company has looked towards mergers and acquisitions as a means of realizing this goal, ensuring its offerings encompass a wide range of unique features thereby standing out in the increasingly competitive market.

The company’s executives elaborated on the specifics of their strategy. “We’ve done a series of acquisitions over the past year. We acquired Benu, which is our virtualised BNG solution, and we’ve also acquired Tibit, which is our micro-OLT solution – it’s an OLT on a plug,” said Cassidy. He further accentuated how the acquisitions synergize with their existing routing platform, thus completing a comprehensive end-to-end solution.

Cassidy also shed light on aspects of their strategy that extend beyond product development. “We’re trying to compress the business cases so you can get to places you couldn’t get to before,” he explained. He asserted that Ciena’s ‘one box’ solution excels in scenarios that are generally complicated, citing rural areas as an instance where his company’s offerings can significantly reduce cost and augment flexibility.

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