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x-hoppers Triumphs at 2024 Merit Awards

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In a remarkable acknowledgment of its innovative contributions to the retail sector, x-hoppers has been distinguished with two prestigious accolades at the 2024 Merit Awards for Telecom. The company clinched a Gold award in the AI Services category and a Silver in Connecting the Unconnected, solidifying its reputation as a pioneer in leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to transform the retail experience for both customers and employees.

Under the leadership of CEO Ian Rowan, x-hoppers has swiftly emerged as a key player in the retail communication arena, with its AI-driven retail headset solution earning widespread acclaim. Rowan attributes this success to the team’s dedication to enhancing retail connectivity and efficiency, aiming to create a future where retail environments are seamlessly interconnected, thereby elevating customer satisfaction.

The Merit Awards, which honor outstanding achievements in telecom, wireless, and mobile technologies, recognized x-hoppers for its significant impact on retail communications. The awards spotlight the company’s innovative use of AI to deliver on-demand information to retail staff, enabling them to offer personalized customer service. This approach directly addresses consumer expectations, with a substantial majority indicating that the quality of customer service influences their purchasing decisions.

Marie Zander, executive director of the Merit Awards, praised x-hoppers for its customer-centric innovations, particularly its AI-powered Complete Retail Headset System that enhances store associate collaboration and customer engagement. The system’s unique combination of wireless headsets, smart call points, and AI assistance sets a new industry benchmark, facilitating improved collaboration among employees and superior customer service interactions.

Furthermore, x-hoppers’ AI features, such as an AI Coach and theft detection, are designed to streamline training processes and address various operational challenges, reinforcing its status as a vital partner in retail success. After making a significant impact at the NRF’s annual event, the company is set to expand its presence in the UK and US markets, with upcoming appearances at major retail technology expos.

These accolades from the Merit Awards highlight x-hoppers’ role in driving forward the telecommunications and retail industries towards a technologically advanced and interconnected future.

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