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Proximus and Microsoft Forge Strategic Partnership to Boost AI Capabilities

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Proximus, a leading Belgian telecommunications operator, has announced a five-year partnership with tech giant Microsoft. This collaboration aims to migrate Proximus’ key platforms to Microsoft’s Azure cloud, significantly enhancing their AI capabilities.

This strategic move will enable both companies to harness their unique strengths. Microsoft will integrate Proximus’ products from international affiliates such as BICS, Telesign, and Route Mobile. In return, Proximus will leverage Azure’s advanced AI tools to innovate in customer service and operational efficiency. This migration is expected to speed up the adoption of cutting-edge generative AI technologies, providing Proximus engineers with a robust environment for developing new products and experiences.

Proximus’ expertise in Communication Platform as a Service (CPaaS) and Digital Identity (DI) will be instrumental for Microsoft, enhancing its customer communication and security solutions. Moreover, the partnership will help optimize Proximus’ strategy as a reseller of Microsoft products and services within Belgium.

Guillaume Boutin, CEO of Proximus Group, expressed his excitement about the partnership, highlighting the positive outcomes anticipated from this collaboration. He emphasized that Proximus’ international expansion has set the stage for significant alliances with major IT and digital sector players like Microsoft. This partnership promises substantial benefits for both business and residential customers, offering advanced technology and seamless connectivity.

Boutin also noted that this partnership would enable Microsoft to utilize Proximus’ top-tier CPaaS and DI products, furthering Proximus’ mission to redefine customer experiences both in Belgium and internationally. Marijke Schroos, General Manager of Microsoft Belux, echoed Boutin’s sentiments, underscoring the shared vision of leveraging cloud applications and AI innovation to create a powerhouse of technological advancement.

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