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Online Gaming Communications: What Can it Teach VoIP?

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The online gaming community has become the number one forerunner in the usage of VoIP technology. With the rise of video gamers worldwide and the expansion of multiplayer and team games, the demands for an effective and reliable VoIP platform have increased substantially in recent years.

VoIP has turned online gaming into a social experience rather than a solitary hobby. The technology has greatly enriched and improved the overall gaming experience for the tens of millions of users around the world. As a result, video gamers have consistently pushed and challenged VoIP to the limits of what it can deliver in terms of interaction.

Currently, gamers use well-known versions of commercially proven interfaces such as Skype and Skype Discord, mainly because of their low or zero cost.

Lately, there has been an attempt to bring back Ventrilo – a VoIP communication software that was very popular among gamers years ago. The program’s new 4.0 version offers numerous new features such as the option to fully customize sounds, change themes, access to many menu functions with a single click and the ability to transfer files to select users.

This is extremely important for the developers of VoIP because online gamers need and demand easy-to-navigate interfaces with a high level of interaction at a low or zero cost. They can quickly become very critical of VoIP platforms that are not agile, difficult to use or offer too many features that come with additional fees. The more simple the solution, the more success it will achieve.

The VoIP development community should take these requests seriously as more and more businesses also turn to VoIP and expect it to provide much more than simple voice communications.

Some solutions that include email, texting and file transfers are already coming into the market. However, the challenge is whether these additional features can be accessible to businesses without extra costs.


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