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VoIP Professional: Master the Art of Time Management

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VoIP developers and engineers provide all the necessary VoIP solutions to the telecommunication industry. These professionals bring on board the right ideas, experience, and expertise thus delivering answers that satisfy their clients. However, a VoIP professional does not just wake up and start delivering quality work. He or she has to really be proficient with some aspects in order to uphold high performance.

As a VoIP professional, you know that the most important and difficult task to maintain a high performance at work is how well you can manage your time. Time is so precious and limited, that any possible loops leading to wastage have to be sealed. Why do we term time as precious? We’ve all heard the expression ‘time is money’. And it is. But that depends on how well you optimise it. Everyone is given 24 hours a day, but some people seem to get more things done than others. Why is that? The answer is simple: because they manage their time properly.

As a VoIP worker, you need to constantly keep this in mind. By doing so you get the urgency to be able to use your time well. Time flies but you have to remember that you are the best pilot. If you conduct your time poorly and waste it, unfortunately, it can never be recovered. Every second has to be treated with great reverence so that you can achieve the best out of it. So it is imperative that as VoIP professional, you use your time effectively.

But what exactly is time management and how can you apply it to your daily life? Time management means organizing the hours of your day adequately so that the right amount of time is allocated to the right activity. It refers to making the best use of the 24 hours you have daily.

To apply this to your everyday routine, we recommend you follow David Allen’s method Getting Things Done (GTD). David Allen qualifies to be one of the giants because he demystifies how time management is possible in a quick to learn way. Using his method, you will be able to master your workflow and achieve things you never thought possible.

Below are the main steps you can take to become a good time manager:

Get that to-do list and Idea out of your mind

As a VoIP professional, your mind is always flooded with things to do and new ideas day in day out. The list can range from innovating a new software or app or just making improvements on those already available. After all, you are dealing with an ever-changing and evolving technology that you have to be constantly up to date with.

However, it is simply a waste of time when you constantly think about something without making progress on it. So if you are a VoIP developer, you have to let this idea out of your mind in order to start working on it. Whether it’s an idea of a new software you want to manufacture, a new model of softphone or any technological advancement you want to improve in line with VoIP, you can start by taking a pen and paper and writing it all down.

Now all ideas, to-do lists, and recurring tasks that have been taking space in your mind are now on a paper, a to-do app or any other organizational tool that you like to use. Remember, when you write your ideas and dreams down, the wind of success will sure blow towards that direction.

Once you’ve written everything down, you can separate them into two lists: actionable and not actionable. The actionable ones you can decide to work on it right away, delegate, or defer it. The not actionable ones, you can just toss it or file it for future reference.

Time Management for the VoIp Professional

Organize your Ideas

After determining what to do with your actionable items, you will need to group them in categories such as projects you have committed to finishing, marking your google calendar with actions that must occur on a specific day or time, things to be done right away, and projects that others are responsible for but that you care about. Under each category, you can add subcategories, assign due dates, and set reminders so you follow up on them. It is also extremely important to pay attention to each item’s priority.

Organising your tasks, projects, and calendar will help you allocate time to every action fairly. Consequently, wastage of time is done away with. This is because every day, week and month are attached to a significant task that has to be fulfilled.

This step can be very rewarding if you use all this classifying properly. To do so, you need review your actions and calendar daily and keep them clean and updated. Look over your to-dos attentively to determine what your next actions should be, to see where you’re actually making progress and where you need to adjust your priorities.

Take Action

At this point, choosing the next action and getting to it is pretty easy. Your ideas and to-dos are organized by priority and categorized. You know what action to work on, and when. Tasks are broken into manageable, pieces that are easy to start. Remember to make these choices based on how many time and energy you have and your priorities.

If the task is working on a particular software; you have to select a qualified team towards working on this project. Remember that while choosing your team, it is important that you own a board that is made up of competent and skilled experts rather than those who will drag you behind. Note that you will be working within time frames and you really have to adhere to them. That is the only way you can achieve your dream. Besides, you save more time and also facilitate quality output.

In this final step, you also have to start thinking of deadlines. As a VoIP professional you have to know the time it will take to complete a certain task. The deadline you set has to be reasonable and that which you are sure that the task will be completed. It helps to make your clients trust that work will be completed and also allow them to look for the next task. Setting deadlines brings a sense of urgency and the will to manage time well. Try and be able to always honor deadlines since that strengthens your discipline in managing time, creating a positive and efficient cycle.

So what are you waiting for?

As a VoIP professional, you have quite some work on your shoulders in order to be efficient and effective in your undertakings. As we have seen, time management is key to success. It allows you to take control of your own life rather than chase the flow of others. By efficiently managing your time, you can be more productive and accomplish much more in a shorter period of time, improve your decision-making ability, and significantly reduce stress at work. Using David Allen’s methods, you can easily be able to manage your time well and deliver quality output. So don’t literally waste more time, get started with this method and good luck!

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