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Virtual Numbers: 5 Benefits for Your Business

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One of the main benefits of business VoIP is that it offers a much wider selection of features compared to the traditional phone network. Since VoIP technology has no physical limitation or hardware necessary to start a new feature like PSTN does, it can deliver the best low-cost enterprise features with a fraction of the hassle.

But it’s no surprise that with so many features available, some really good ones can go unnoticed or are simply underused by most users. The best example of these features is Virtual Numbers, a unique and powerful tool that not all businesses understand how much it can benefit them in the long term.

So what exactly is a Virtual Number?

Also known as DID (Direct Inward Dialing), a Virtual number is a telephone number that is not directly associated to a telephone line and can be assigned to any device such as a hardware desk IP phone, a mobile phone app, or a desktop softphone app.

Usually, a virtual phone number can be programmed to forward incoming calls to different telephone numbers using time of day routing. A virtual number can work like a gateway between traditional calls (PSTN) and VoIP. Though it’s not only unique to VoIP, virtual numbers certainly benefit from IP connections.

In fact, all VoIP numbers can technically be considered virtual, for it doesn’t need the copper lines that make up the PTSN. There are numerous virtual number services but Google Voice is probably the biggest example.

Why Should Your Business Use Virtual Numbers?

All businesses love these two magic words: cost savings! With the capability to use any number from almost any location, your business can save the money and hassle that surround long distant calls.

Contact centers greatly benefit from virtual numbers. By using local numbers when calling clients or potential leads, they offer a more tailored service and a better customer experience at the exact same time.

If your business is based in one city, but often serves customers in another city miles away, your business can offer a local number to clients, with a local area code, without incurring international long distance rates.

The 5 Main Benefits of Virtual Numbers

1. Local Presence

Along with allowing your business to assign two or more phone numbers to one specific line, Virtual numbers also allow your business to create a local presence without actually having one. Local numbers make it easier for far away customers to dial, call in for support, and for agents to know who is calling. At the same time, it offers clients a much more warm and personalized experience.

2. Cost Savings with Local Area Codes

Virtual Numbers allow your company to have a number with the area code from the city or country your organization does business, enabling both your business and your clients to avoid any fees associated with long distance phone calls. This is especially favorable for businesses that have an international presence. Some VoIP providers facilitate international calls, but virtual numbers can make it even easier.

3. Professional Image

Virtual numbers can help small and medium-sized businesses create a more professional image to their customers and the outside world. By enabling them to establish as many phone numbers as they need, they can offer their clients a different number for each service or department within the company, improving customer experience.

Vanity virtual numbers can be customized to improve an organization’s image, or standard virtual numbers can be used to ensure consistency across the business.

4. Flexibility Within The Business

Besides providing a local presence for your business and enabling customers to dial locally instead of paying long distance fees, virtual numbers also offer flexibility within your own business for you and your employees.

Since virtual numbers aren’t directly associated to one specific phone, you and your team can basically work from anywhere. In addition, virtual numbers ensure you that you will never miss a phone call, for it allows you to route your calls to your smartphone or any other smart device when you’re out of the office.

5. Two numbers in One Device

Virtual numbers reduce the need to purchase new phone lines by allowing users to have multiple numbers on one single phone, and at the same,  allowing them to keep business and personal use separate. By using a virtual number, users don’t even need a desk phone in their office and can make and receive all calls from one device.

An Overlooked Feature That Goes a Long Way

Whether your business is simply looking to cut down on some expenses, offer more flexibility and mobility to the team, or improve its overall image for clients, virtual numbers are absolutely the best solution for any size business. They also help contact centers looking to improve their overall customer experience.  There are some companies that offer free trial such as VoxboneDIDWW,  DIDlogic and so that you can see for yourself how virtual perform in real-life.

So keep an eye on those small VoIP features that seem fairly simple, but that can actually have a huge positive impact on your business.

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