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Anti-eavesdropping solution has been successfully tested in Paris !

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French startup “BlackBoxSecu” located on the Côte d’Azur,  has made the first demo of its secure voice communication system CipherBOX (CBOX) on Orange and Free mobile networks. Commercialization might begin the coming months.

As the global threat evolves, listening to voice over the Internet and mobile networks becomes easier, cheaper and more accessible to third parties, private spies and foreign special services. Developed by BlackBoxSecu, the CBOX aims to provide secure high-level voice connectivity that meets individual communication needs on mobile, laptop, tablet or landline phones.

The company has been awarded by Innovation Award of Special Forces SOFINS 2017, Trophées de la Sécurité 2017 (Bronze medal) in France and has been selected by Village by Crédit Agricole.

Based on a stand-alone box developed during 3 years near Nice, the Cipher BOX encrypts the audio signal directly to the source of the voice (microphone of the user’s headset) as well as the reverse symmetric operation, decryption, to the user’s ear. The CBOX is connected between a voice transmission device (phone, tablet, etc…) and a headset. It is independent of the means of transmission (mobile or fixed telephone, computer, etc.). It works with another box to secure voice communications at each end, protecting the exchange of sensitive information (strategic, confidential, personal, etc.). BlackBoxSecu is the only European based company that knows how to do it.

BlackBoxSecu is transparent to any mobile operating systems (Android, iOS or Blackberry) and computer operating system  (Windows, iOS, Linux,…) and its encryption keys are erased after the end of communication. 

This first demo of the CBOX, took place at a conference French-Israeli Cyber-Securuty Forum called “IMAgine Cay #Cyber” , at the French Ministry of Economy and Finance. The demo was made on Orange’s 3G mobile network as well as on Free Mobile’s 3G and 4G VoIP network

This step allowed BlackBoxSecu to go from pure theoretical simulations to a proof of concept including the demonstration of CBOX technology on mobile and live internet networks for the first time.

For BlackBoxSecu, the main current goal is also to look for partners or investors looking for opportunities in French cybersecurity companies.

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