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When blockchain based currency meets telecom operator

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For Andrew Burchik, founder of the Prague based MVNO (mobile virtual network operator) Miracle Tele, the future of mobile operators will be found in Blockchain technology. Miracle Tele is already available in 213 countries.

In late April, Miracle Tele allowed its customers to call any destination for €0.2 per minute and data from €0.01 per MB.

Miracle Tele is using its own Token called TELE based on ERC20 (Ethereum blockchain) that they want to sell. 150,000,000 TELE are available at €0.1 per token. The sale is not limited in time as it will end when all tokens are sold out.

This way the operator allows its users to have a choice: or they use its telecom services like any operator or they “tokenize” their assets and have access to mobile plans by purchasing them with TELE.

According to M. Burchik, as smartphones are less a used for conventional communications, operators will have to provide a full solution that will feature also financial tools among other technologies.

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