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5G Smartphones will change the way phones are design and revive the market

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The smartphone’s market shrank of 0.1% last year, and for this year, IDC (International Data Corporation) is expecting the same lack of growth.

This is why the entire industry is waiting for the 5G technology to help the market go back to its former glory. The last year showing a significant growth was 2016 with a 2.5% progress. With the availability of 5G network and smartphones, tech companies expect to go back to 2016 figures in 2022.

But the smartphone industry needs to solve some issues as the way 5G radio waves work can have an impact on the quality of the call and daily use of the device.

As Dan Jones from Light Reading explains, it could be a similar problem to what happened with the “antennagate” on iPhone 4.

Basically, this phenomenon called “human blockage”, impacts quality of the call, as the way someone holds the phone decreases the strength of the connection. In the case of 5G, adding on a case couldn’t be a solution.

Thus, smartphone’s company are working on design solutions before launching their devices on the market.

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