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AT&T and Samsung team up to create their 5G Innovation Zone

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The communication and technology giants AT&T, Samsung Electronics America (SEA) and Samsung Austin Semiconductor (SAS) have announced that they will join forces to create America’s first 5G Innovation Zone, focusing on the use of 5G in manufacturing.


The Innovation Zone will be located in Samsung Austin Semiconductor’s 160-acre campus in Austin, Texas, one of the most advanced semiconductor facilities in the world. The goal behind this innovative project is to explore the futuristic idea of a Smart Factory, powered by 5G technology.


“This is a first. We’ll be testing the real-world impact 5G will have on the manufacturing industry,” commented Mo Katibeh, the CEO at AT&T Business. “Ultimately, we plan to use what we learn from this 5G Innovation Zone to help create better technology experiences and improvements in Samsung Austin Semiconductor’s plant along with creating a future blueprint for people and businesses across all industries.”


By combining AT&T’s wireless 5G technology and Samsung’s 5G network equipment, the two companies expect to demonstrate the possible scenarios and use cases for 5G in manufacturing, such as 4K video sensors, IoT sensors and location services.

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