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Vodafone – the first in telecoms to launch a Digital Human

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Vodafone New Zealand recently announced it will be the first telecommunications company to launch an Intelligent Digital Human in cooperation with a Kiwi company, FaceMe.


While the identity of the Digital Human should be revealed within the next two months, it is already clear that the AI-based assistant will be of great benefit in improving the self-service experience for Vodafone’s customers, and allow staff to devote time working with more complex customer demands.


“Great customer experience happens through meaningful conversations.  FaceMe has evolved AI technology to create Intelligent Digital Humans that are human-like in their appearance and interaction. Thanks to machine learning, they are capable of continuously learning how to anticipate our customers’ needs and better serve them,” explained Vodafone’s director of Customer Operations, Helen van Orton.


Orton emphasized that this initiative is not a replacement for front-line customer service, but will rather aid in maximizing staff efficiency and performance.


Vodafone’s AI-powered Digital Human is expected to start its career at retail stores in Auckland in late 2018.

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