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Apple to replace defective iPhone X displays for free

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The tech giant Apple has publicized the launch of a new screen replacement program for iPhone X users, who have experienced touch problems with the gadget. In some cases, the screen on the iPhone X units does not respond or responds irregularly when touched, and there are also reports of units having displays that react even when they aren’t touched. In both cases, the problems present an unquestionably annoying experience for a device that costs up to 1000 dollars.


Customers having issues such as a non-responsive or over-reactive touch screen will be able to get a new screen replacement free of charge from Apple, or at one of the company’s official service providers. The replacement program is specific to this fault, and applies only to the iPhone X device. Repairs will be limited to the original country of purchase, and the warranty of the phone will not be extended.


Moreover, the company notes that if a customer brings in an iPhone X with a broken display, the issue “will need to be resolved prior to the service” and that there “may be a cost associated with the additional repair”.

Previously, Apple had not reacted to reports detailing the problems with iPhone X screens, but the company has implemented similar replacement programs for older iPhone models with screen issues, such as the iPhone 6.