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Business call automation with Predictive Dialer by Bridgei2p

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A predictive dialer is call automation software that allows salespeople to dial many numbers at the same time. Predictive dialing connects a company rep to a caller as soon as they answer,  optimizing a sales person’s time to connect with and close actual prospects. With a predictive dialer, there is no delay between calls, so agents can greatly increase the number of conversations they have with actual leads on a daily basis.


Bridgei2p is a VoIP (Voice Over IP) solution provider with the goal of providing industry-leading VoIP technology to a variety of industrial verticals. The company specializes in offering unique customer-specific solutions that are based on in-depth research into individual customer demands, including their predictive dialer. Bridgei2p’s predictive dialer will not only increase efficiency, but also help a business save money while also increasing earnings. It’s one of the most sophisticated and modern phone systems available.


The Bridgei2p dialer is an ideal, user-friendly solution for those in the contact solutions or customer service industries, as it integrates CRM and client information before routing the call to an agent. The system also provides agents with customization options, which is useful when dealing with huge call volumes. The company’s predictive dialer also instantly reviews an account, stores all essential data, and displays any previous records.


Bridgei2p also provides substantial training to clients via an account representative, who is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for the first several months of the contract. Furthermore, Bridgei2p’s support team is highly responsive and may be called for assistance as and when required; they are quick to answer and can be reached at any hour of the day.


The Bridgei2p Predictive Dialer is an outstanding option for modern organizations across the world wanting to enhance the performance of their agents and raise target sales without experiencing technical concerns, as well as keeping track of conversations and customers’ information and resolutions.


The main reasons to start using the Bridgei2p Predictive dialer are:

  •     Automates your business call processes.
  •     Helps you make more sales.
  •     Helps reduce operational costs in the long run.
  •     Improves your customer service efficiency.
  •     Reduces idle time for agents.
  •     Improves the customer experience.
  •     Allows you to reach out to more potential customers.
  •     Reviews and stores customer data for easy management.


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