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DIDWW and AssistYou join forces to offer AI-powered voice assistant services worldwide

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DIDWW, a leading global provider of VoIP and SIP trunking services, has expanded its strategic partnership with AssistYou, a top developer of AI-driven voice assistants for large-scale phone customer service operations. By harnessing the power of DIDWW two-way SIP trunking, this collaboration aims to deliver enhanced voice services and further expand the global reach of AssistYou’s innovative voice assistant solution.

Seeking to deliver best-in-class technology and services, AssistYou recognizes the crucial need for a partner, like DIDWW, capable of providing worldwide coverage for call termination, ensuring high-quality and secure VoIP communications. By employing the potential of voice technology, AssistYou helps businesses to reduce customer service workload, increase availability, and elevate overall customer satisfaction. Additionally, AssistYou Analytics tool enables organizations to analyze and enrich every phone call in real-time, generating valuable insights to optimize customer service and operational processes.

Through this extended partnership, AssistYou will benefit from secure and uninterrupted voice services provided by DIDWW, which will ensure premium call quality and access to local routes with guaranteed caller ID functionality. By leveraging the DIDWW API, AssistYou will experience swift turnaround times and enhanced operational efficiency, helping to meet the ever-evolving business demands of customers worldwide. DIDWW vast experience in telecommunications, combined with its extensive coverage of virtual phone numbers, will enable AssistYou to expand its global presence and cater to a growing customer base all over the world.

Bram van Zanten, founder and CEO of AssistYou, stated, “DIDWW has proven to be an excellent partner in building our business internationally. We place tremendous value on DIDWW’s ability to provide us with worldwide reach for PSTN termination, as well as secure encryption for incoming and outgoing traffic for both signaling and media. These capabilities form the core building blocks for successfully delivering our AI-driven voice assistance and analytics solutions. We are glad to have found a partner that delivers constant quality and security within an easy to use and customer-friendly framework.”

“We are delighted to further extend our partnership with AssistYou,” added Agne Abakiene, Key Account Manager at DIDWW. “Our robust infrastructure and industry expertise perfectly complement AssistYou’s innovative voice assistant technology, creating an unbeatable combination for businesses looking for reliable AI voice solutions.”


DIDWW is a platform for telecommunication professionals with full self-service access and real-time provisioning, APIs and all the necessary building blocks for achieving the ultimate control over Voice and SMS services.

The company offers the largest fully compliant international coverage of local, national, mobile, toll-free voice and SMS-enabled virtual phone numbers, two-way local and global SIP trunks, access to local emergency services, flexible capacity options, free global number portability, and more.

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About AssistYou

Calling customer service can be frustrating. We’ve all had our share of bad experiences. That’s why AssistYou is on a mission to take the friction out of calling customer service. After all, customer contact can be an enormous source of value for every business. Each interaction with a customer essentially provides the organization with feedback.

Our AI-driven digital voice assistant and analytics solution enable organizations to profoundly listen to its customers. To take their feedback seriously and use it as a starting point for continuous improvement. Our products impact large, global organizations with high call volumes, like Belron, Coolblue, Just Eat Takeaway and Air France / KLM.

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