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A quick roundup of the news in Telecoms | Week #33

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8×8 Launches Native Phone App Enhancing Microsoft Teams Calling

8×8, a leader in cloud contact center solutions, introduces an upgraded Phone App for Microsoft Teams that integrates calls directly within Teams, streamlining user experience and management. Leveraging direct routing, the app offers cost-effective native calling, intuitive interface, improved performance, and streamlined deployment. This innovation aligns with the growing demand for integrated user experiences in Teams calling, facilitating an efficient and productive telephony solution while eliminating the need for additional software or per user licenses.

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Opera’s iPhone App Introduces Aria AI Chatbot for Users

Opera’s iPhone and iPad app now includes Aria, an AI chatbot that assists users in finding information and generating content. Aria operates within Opera’s Composer architecture, providing real-time results and responses. Unlike some AI models, Aria can offer up-to-date information. Users have the choice to enable or disable the AI experience, with chat history saved for 30 days. Opera acknowledges that Aria might produce biased or inaccurate content due to its training methods. This move aligns with Opera’s efforts to remain relevant in the competitive browser market by offering innovative features such as AI integration.

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Rogers Tops Umlaut Study as Best Canadian Wireless Carrier

Rogers is named the top Canadian wireless carrier in voice, data, and reliability by independent benchmarking company umlaut for the fifth year in a row. The study reflects Rogers’ commitment to network investment and showcases their exceptional network performance. Umlaut’s assessment included drive tests spanning 30,000 km across major cities and roads, measuring criteria like responsiveness, speed, voice quality, and video streaming stability. With a focus on network expansion, Rogers continues to enhance its 5G network and provide extensive coverage through a merger with Shaw, ensuring a high-quality experience for users nationwide.

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Enterprises Embrace IoT for Transformation, Anticipate Significant Benefits

IoT deployments are integral to business transformation, yielding gains in productivity, cost savings, and sustainability. Enterprises are increasingly investing in IoT solutions, expanding deployments, and embracing technologies like 5G and eSIM/iSIM. Omdia’s survey highlights positive growth in IoT deployment with potential benefits for the value chain, though competition rises. Enterprises seek secure solutions and value vendor integration capabilities to navigate the complex landscape. Over 70% of businesses plan to adopt 5G, while almost 90% will incorporate eSIM/iSIM for improved cost management.

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