Port of Tyne Launches First Smart Port in the UK with 5G Network

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The Port of Tyne, a significant linchpin in the UK’s maritime infrastructure, has embarked on a groundbreaking technological venture as it switches on its 4G and 5G private network connectivity. In collaboration with Ericsson and BT, the Port is materializing its foresight of becoming a benchmark of safety, efficiency, and sustainability among smart ports.

Central to the journey is the roll-out of a private network spanning the entire port area, a first-of-its-kind in the UK, fully integrated with 4G and 5G standalone connectivity for smart port applications. The backbone infrastructure leans on an Ericsson Private 5G solution and BT spectrum, enabling both 4G and 5G to run concurrently to cater for legacy devices and empower new 5G applications for future port transformations.

Slated for November, the maiden group of live applications will leverage video and sensor technology. Automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) will oversee security protocols and vehicle tracking courtesy of sensors installed at every entry and exit gate. Other applications include quayside 5G-enabled cameras complemented by AI software for automated container inspection and identification.

Fitting the port with a private 5G wireless network paves the way for the introduction of a number of future 5G applications and refined technology. Their shared mission is to satisfy evolving customer needs and foster a transition towards a green, smart port. These applications range from Autonomous Navigation Technology and Remote crane operations to connected drones, wearable tech, XR devices, and an interconnected ecosystem of AI sensors, videos, and data sources.

Moreover, the Port of Tyne is passionate about carving a niche as a leading performer in 5G maritime innovation and establishing a collaborative platform for building a future collection of 5G smart applications. Key goals include automating manual tasks, enhancing decision-making and reducing CO2 emissions.

Matthew Beeton, Chief Executive Officer, Port of Tyne asserted, “I believe that 5G is going to play a crucial role in helping Port of Tyne achieve our goals. We can streamline our operations, improve safety and sustainability, and drive growth and innovation throughout the entire maritime industry and beyond.”

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