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Unveiling Faster Britain Bus: Gateway to Gigabit-Capable Connectivity

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ITS, the telecommunication corporation, has unveiled the Faster Britain bus initiative at its headquarters located in Daresbury. This exciting campaign involves a branded double-decker bus touring around the country to publicize the company’s newly developed gigabit-capable full-fibre network, conceptualized primarily for UK business applications.

The Faster Britain bus is more than a moving billboard—it’s a mobile consumer engagement platform that plans to cover the entire run of the country making stops at more than 70 networks. The initiative aims to interact meaningfully with the extensive ITS partner network, which boasts 500 members.

A tour that begins at the ITS base in Daresbury will see the bus journey around the nation, demonstrating hands-on applications of next-gen connectivity to curious tech enthusiasts. Working in tandem with its tech partners, the bus will host training events, meetings, and kickstart digital inclusion programs aimed at familiarizing more people with high-speed internet.

Audiences will not only get to glimpse the future of connectivity but also partake in interactive learning. Offering chances to win fabulous prizes via social media is part of this effort.

Making stops at approximately 98% of all network locations within the Faster Britain project, the bus route will crisscross key regions such as Liverpool, London, Birmingham, and Brighton.

Andie Walton, currently holding the reins as Head of Marketing at ITS expressed the importance of this project, “Our Faster Britain bus is on a mission to educate and enable businesses all over the UK with high-speed, reliable connectivity and to help them adapt and prosper in an increasingly digitized world.”

Walton emphasized the approach to the 2025 deadline for copper switch off, and the government’s plans for full-fibre network access. “We’re advancing towards this goal by adopting a multi-faceted approach that aids our partners and the UK’s business community in harnessing ultrafast speeds as well as readying their operations for a digital future.”

“This bus—and the tour associated with it—exemplifies our commitment to making gigabit-capable connectivity comprehendible and accessible to all”, Walton said. Hosting connectivity clinics where practical advice and insights into the transition from copper to fibre are some of the planned highlights of the tour.

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