Cisco and DISH Wireless Test Innovative 5G Network Solution

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In a significant development, Cisco and DISH Wireless have unveiled the testing phase of a pioneering network slicing technology designed for hybrid cloud setups. This cutting-edge solution, which leverages Cisco’s advanced hardware and software, promises to revolutionize how network traffic is managed, segmented, and optimized across different applications and use cases.

The collaboration aims to introduce a more refined approach to deploying 5G services for enterprise customers, promising enhanced service level agreements (SLAs) through Cisco’s novel network slicing capabilities. This technology is poised to allow DISH Wireless to not only streamline the deployment of 5G services but also to offer their enterprise clients a more reliable and differentiated experience.

Cisco’s role as a frontrunner in internet engineering innovation, particularly in contributing to the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), is crucial. The partnership underscores a shared commitment to advancing network automation, routing, service assurance, and the pursuit of more sustainable and profitable networking solutions. A notable innovation from Cisco includes the development of “shared slices” that facilitate the rapid deployment of varied services, ensuring optimal performance across the network.

Sidd Chenumolu, DISH Wireless’s Vice President of Technology Development, highlighted the trial’s importance in showcasing how DISH is preparing its network for future demands. The test aims to demonstrate DISH’s capability to efficiently handle network slices in a hybrid cloud setting, ensuring high levels of trust and reliability for business customers aiming to connect a broader array of devices and services.

Waris Sagheer, Cisco’s Chief Technology Officer for Service Providers, emphasized the collaborative effort to explore new business models that cater to the evolving needs of enterprise clients. Through this innovative network slicing trial in a hybrid cloud environment, Cisco and DISH Wireless are set to enhance network performance and automation, catering to the diverse requirements of various business applications with distinct speed and reliability needs.

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