Nokia to Expand German Fiber Network with Deutsche Glasfaser

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Nokia, a leading telecommunications equipment provider, has secured a significant deal with German alternative network operator Deutsche Glasfaser to enhance its fixed access and IP network services. This partnership aims to expand Deutsche Glasfaser’s existing network infrastructure to reach a target of 6 million homes, tripling its current coverage of 2 million homes across Germany.

As part of the agreement, Nokia will deploy its cutting-edge fixed access and IP network products, including its PON (Passive Optical Network) fiber solutions supporting various technologies such as GPON, XGS-PON, and 25G PON over the same fiber. Additionally, Nokia will replace IP Core, BNG (Broadband Network Gateway), and edge routers previously supplied by other vendors, ensuring a seamless and efficient network transition.

Nokia will play a pivotal role in designing and validating Deutsche Glasfaser’s new network architecture, tailoring its IP domain controller and fixed access domain controller to suit the operator’s requirements. The deployment will involve comprehensive services for system installation and commissioning, supporting Deutsche Glasfaser in building a modern, automated, and scalable network.

Pascal Koster, Chief Operating Officer at Deutsche Glasfaser, emphasized the strategic importance of Nokia’s technology, particularly highlighting the deployment of 10 Gbps XGS-PON access technology across their network starting April 2024. This initiative reflects Deutsche Glasfaser’s commitment to delivering high-speed broadband services to residential and business customers.

Matthieu Bourguignon, Senior Vice-President and Head of Europe Business, Network Infrastructure at Nokia, expressed enthusiasm about the extended partnership, citing Nokia’s extensive suite of products and professional services to optimize Deutsche Glasfaser’s network across multiple domains.

Deutsche Glasfaser’s ambitious expansion plans, backed by significant investments from EQT and Omer, align with broader industry trends towards fiber network upgrades. The company’s growth mirrors similar advancements seen among alternative network providers in the UK, reflecting a broader shift towards fiber infrastructure deployment across Europe.

This collaboration underscores Nokia’s pivotal role in enabling next-generation networks, emphasizing scalability, reliability, and future-proof technology to meet evolving connectivity demands in the digital age.

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