TPx Launches Dark Web Monitoring to Enhance Cybersecurity

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TPx, a prominent managed services provider in the United States, has unveiled a new Dark Web Monitoring service, powered by Breach Secure Now, aimed at strengthening businesses’ cybersecurity defenses and enabling swift responses to potential threats.

This service offers continuous surveillance of the dark web—the concealed segments of the internet—to identify if a company’s sensitive information is being traded or exposed illegally. Given the ever-evolving nature of cyber threats in today’s business landscape, ongoing monitoring is crucial. TPx’s innovative solution provides early warnings about potential breaches, thereby safeguarding a business’s reputation, preventing financial losses, and maintaining customer trust.

Jonathan Goldberger, TPx’s Senior Vice President of Security Practice & Strategic Sales, emphasized the importance of a proactive, multi-layered cybersecurity approach. He highlighted that traditional measures like firewalls, user security, and endpoint protection should be complemented by specialized solutions such as dark web monitoring.

The dark web, notorious for illicit activities, poses significant challenges that demand specialized expertise and resources beyond the reach of most businesses. Goldberger stressed the need for vigilant monitoring as an integral part of a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy, noting that data breaches continually feed new information into the dark web.

TPx’s Dark Web Monitoring not only provides ongoing protection but also facilitates immediate responses to security incidents. Many businesses are opting to bundle this service with Vulnerability and Penetration Scanning (VPS) for enhanced security measures.

As a key player in streamlining IT operations and ensuring business continuity, TPx offers a broad range of managed services, including networking, cybersecurity, business internet, and cloud communications. The company remains committed to evolving its service offerings to meet market demands and support customers through the shifting technological landscape.

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