FireTail Launches Free API Security Tools for All Developers

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FireTail, a significant player in the API security landscape, has announced the release of a free version of its enterprise-level API security tools. This move aims to democratize access to cutting-edge API protection for developers and organizations of all sizes.

APIs now drive over 80% of internet traffic, encompassing everything from mobile apps to IoT devices. This surge has also expanded the attack surface for cyber threats. FireTail addresses these vulnerabilities with a hybrid security approach that includes open-source code libraries, cloud platform features, and real-time protection tools.

“API security is essential for modern applications, and every developer and tech team should have access to effective security tools,” says Jeremy Snyder, CEO and Co-Founder of FireTail. “Security through obscurity is no longer viable. Our free plan ensures ongoing access to genuine insights into critical attack vectors like API design flaws. It’s ideal for smaller organizations striving for stronger API protection and a practical starting point for larger organizations.”

Riley Priddle, Co-Founder and CTO at FireTail, adds, “We aim for FireTail to become the de facto standard in API security. Whether you have a few APIs or numerous critical ones, everyone should access enterprise-level security tools. Our free tier and open-source libraries enable comprehensive API protection.”

The free tier from FireTail is designed for developers and small to medium-sized organizations with up to five APIs. Key features include one million API call logs per month, seven days of data logging retention, and clear developer support. Additional features encompass API discovery, inventory, assessment, detection, response, and inline runtime protection.

Thomas Martin, Founder at NephoSec, commends FireTail saying, “We’ve been with FireTail from the start, both as a customer and a partner. It’s gratifying to see their proven, sophisticated API security technology being made available to all organizations.”

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