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India: a need for better telecom infrastructures

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Telecom Secretary in India, Aruna Sundarajan expressed concerns about the country’s lack of quality mobile network services.

She pointed out the fact that more towers and fiberisation is needed to follow the growth of subscribers.

She said, during the second 5G India conference, “In a country where data is growing at 500 per cent, we need much more infrastructure. You need at least double the number of towers, at least double the size of fibre. Otherwise, where will the quality come from? So, they (operators) are working on that We are driving down hard on the service quality areas. We are beginning to see visible changes as a result of it. But it is not enough.”

In a situation where call drops occur more often, falling service quality is concerning users and professionals.

Manoj Sinha, the Telecom Minister, replied by confirming that the government is committed to “ensure quality of service”.

He also said “The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (Trai) has issued standards recently.”

During the conference, Special Secretary N Sivasailam and Reliance Jio managing director Sanjay Mashruwala hold different views on how the country will be ready for 5G. Sivasailam was confident about this issue as Mashruwala expressed concerns about the lack of supporting pieces in the ecosystem.

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