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Lawsuits against Apple by VoIP-Pal over patents

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Apple has integrated in its iPhone an instant messaging system called iMessage. It allows to send any data (audio, pictures, videos or text) through any Apple device: phones, tablets or computers, and even their watches.

In 2016, VoIP-Pal sued Apple, AT&T, Twitter and Verizon for patent infringement based on its U.S. Patents.

This year, new lawsuits are being launched solely against Apple, for the infringement of four U.S. Patents, that are linked to the way iMessage processes routing, rating and billing of communications transferred through networks. Those actions are not related to the one that started in 2016.

iMessage and Facetime are concerned by those accusations of infringement.

Voip-Pal pretends that their patents are used to conduct audio, video and text to other devices by associating them with a specific user so it can route properly the communications.

The plaintiff owns a portfolio of patents on VoIP technology. It is looking to make profits from it, and this lawsuit is a mean for doing this, as it hopes to come to an agreement with Apple.