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BICS launches a Local SMS Firewall

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A leading communications solutions provider, BICS, has announced the release of their Local SMS Firewall, a fully managed end-to-end platform that helps operators protect and optimize their SMS traffic and revenues. This Local SMS Firewall oversees both A2P and P2P activities, and filters messages for unbillable traffic, thus preventing any loss of income.

According to BICS, the introduction of their Local SMS Firewall was a natural reaction to the rapidly increasing number of A2P use cases and the demand for customer engagement. With mobile operators applying extra effort to boost customer satisfaction and taking advantage of A2P SMS opportunities, the new platform is a perfect tool for minimizing the decrease of revenue caused by traffic bypass.

“BICS is dedicated to aiding operators in monetizing their SMS assets. SMS aggregators are always going to look for new ways to disrupt the industry, but with solutions like BICS’ Local SMS Firewall, the industry can protect both their customers and their revenues,” said the head of Mobile Messaging at BICS, Bart Vandekerckhove.

As a result of close teamwork between BICS bypass engineers and 6D Technologies, the firewall can filter, identify and block any bypass traffic, even allowing service providers to choose which traffic to filter. All in all, the Local SMS Firewall provides a practical, effective and simple solution, since no third parties, investment in hardware, or monitoring and maintenance of resources are required.

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