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DIDWW to secure our Digital Identities with an ITU-assigned country code

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DIDWW, the cloud telephony platform focused on providing virtual phone numbers on a global basis, has recently been assigned a new international shared country code by the ITU (International Telecommunication Union). This organization is the United Nations specialized agency for information and communication technologies, and is responsible for implementing technical standards that ensure the seamless interconnection of networks.


In the past, the company highlighted the vulnerabilities and shortfalls of the current number portability procedures and how it was possible that a subscriber could lose their phone number. This problem has become critical due to the fact that phone numbers are increasingly used as a supposedly secure means of identification and authentication in our journey towards full digital transformation.


As per DIDWW’s official announcement, the company strongly subscribes to the ITU’s philosophy that the phone number is an asset that must be owned by the end-user, and the company is fully committed to implementing services to support this vision.


In the near future, the phone number will be treated and secured as any other valuable digital asset. The phone numbers will be fully owned and controlled by the subscriber, with no possibility of the number being maliciously hijacked. Until this happens, DIDWW is taking the first steps towards that future, and will soon announce innovative and secure Digital Identity services. For the first time ever, these services will allow users to truly own their phone numbers and use them as secure Digital Identities, thus benefiting from seamless authentication such as 2FA.


DIDWW is actively forming partnerships and alliances in order to deliver practical services that will ensure the security and safety of our phone numbers. One of these partners, FIX Network, a global mobile operator, will be the first to implement secure 2FA applications.


“In the near future, we will provide comprehensive solutions for securing our digital assets and identities,’‘ said Itamar Kunik, the CEO of FIX Network. “To eliminate the vulnerabilities of the current number porting procedures and to ensure end-to-end protection for our subscribers worldwide, we need access to a globally interconnected telecommunications network and a dedicated global number range. DIDWW is the perfect match for us and will help us to accomplish our ambitious goals. In fact, we have already been allocated with 10 million phone numbers from the new DIDWW global range with the prefix of +883 5170.”


Clearly, the security of our digital assets and identities is rapidly becoming a critical issue and problems need to be overcome so as not to impede technological progress. It will be interesting to observe DIDWW and their partners to see how they will influence this transformation.

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