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RingLeader offers free service on its CrowdVoice Americas platform

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The US-based RingLeader, Inc., a leading internet phone service provider specializing in SIP trunking communications technology, has extended free subscription to its North American calling services. The company is pledging 25,000 months of free service on its CrowdVoice Americas platform that offers secure mobile social communications in Mexico, Canada and the United States.


Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, RingLeader is committed to helping families, small businesses and organizations that need reliable and affordable means to stay connected. The company will provide free messaging and VoIP services to each user, including unlimited inbound international calling and 500 minutes of free outbound calling per month, where services are available. Moreover, new customers will also be allocated a US phone number and an international phone number in Canada or Mexico, ensuring high-quality calls between the CrowdVoice app and landlines.


RingLeader’s CEO Neil Darling said, “COVID-19 is severely impacting families around the world as well as small businesses with an international presence. By donating 25,000 months of service, we’re able to help families across borders stay connected both where they are – and where they want to be. Additionally, we are confident that the CrowdVoice app improves on the shortcomings of other leading mobile communication apps like WhatsApp, most notably by providing a selection of inbound North American telephone numbers for each user. CrowdVoice isn’t WhatsApp; we believe it’s ‘WhatsBetter’.”


RingLeader has developed the CrowdVoice mobile app to bring unified communications, social messaging and end-to-end encryption, all under one roof. This app supports key features such as text, chat, SMS and picture and video file sharing, making it easy to keep in touch with friends and family. The company noted that additional CrowdVoice features such as custom caller ID, fax-to-email, voicemail-to-email and group chat enable small business owners to manage their companies more effectively while reducing costs.

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