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A quick roundup of the news in Telecoms | Week #47

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European Commission staying out of O2 UK and Virgin Media UK merger

Typically, the European Commission, or one of the myriad other state-owned organizations  that are a part of the EU, would be involved in the proposed merger between O2 UK and Virgin Media UK. However, in this case, these organizations are steering clear of this deal. The theory is this: because the UK will no longer be part of the EU from the beginning of next year, the EU will no longer be interested in what UK companies do. Even if the EU had not made this decision now, it is likely that they would have just waited until 2021, when its jurisdiction over UK matters comes to an end.

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Telia Carrier expands its connectivity in US

Telia Carrier is expanding its coverage in the US, while increasing the diversity and range of its routes. The company has introduced a new, latency-optimized Dense Wave Division Multiplexing (DWDM) route between Denver and Chicago, as well as Des Moines, Iowa and Omaha, Nebraska. Their recent US advancements also include new subway ring reconstructions in Chicago and Denver. In order to meet regional demands, they will also add  new points-of-presence (POPs), to be located near Chicago’s O’Hare Airport, in the Denver area near the Denver Technical Center data center, and also in Des Moines, Iowa.

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BT aims at quantum security for 5G

BT is working with several technology partners to test Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) as a 5G security option. The new BT AIRQKD trial attempts to adapt the latest quantum security techniques to the 5G mobile network using Quantum Technologies Challenge funding of $10.2 million. The trials will take three years to conduct, and will bring together a variety of partners, from quantum professionals to research organizations and universities. The goal of the trials is to create a secure network that is protected by QKD, a method of quantum security where individual photons are used to exchange cryptographic key data between two users.

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Nokia, Elisa and Qualcomm reach a record 5G speed in Finland

The fastest 5G speed in the world was recorded by the Finnish commercial network, delivering 8Gbps for the first time while serving two simultaneously-connected 5G millimeter wave devices. Nokia, Elisa and Qualcomm Technologies Inc. collaborated to reach this record speed and said that the service should be rolled out in 2021. This network will support many new low-latency, high-bandwidth services, such as high-speed video downloads, and VR and AR applications. This record was achieved using Nokia’s 5G mmWave technology and Qualcomm Technologies’ 5G smartphone form factor testers over Elisa’s commercial 5G network.

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Vodafone Group to launch Open RAN in Ireland

The Vodafone Group has stepped up its Open RAN efforts by preparing to launch the first technology-enabled commercial network in the Republic of Ireland. The operator said that the Open RAN kit would be released across the North West, providing new coverage of 4G services at 30 locations faster and more cost-effectively. This initiative follows a recent test in North Kildare with the vendor Parallel Wireless. Didier Clavero, Vodafone Ireland’s CTO, said the move to Open RAN “is a pivotal moment in the provision of mobile coverage to rural communities in Ireland.”

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